how to open eternally silenced wine

how to open eternally silenced wine

“Eternally Silenced” is a brand of wine produced by the Michael David Winery. To open a bottle of Eternally Silenced wine, you can follow these general steps:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • A bottle of Eternally Silenced wine
  • A wine opener or corkscrew
  • A wine glass (for serving)


  1. Inspect the Bottle:
    • Examine the bottle to ensure it’s in good condition and has not been damaged or tampered with.
  2. Prepare Your Wine Glass:
    • Before opening the bottle, have a clean wine glass ready for pouring the wine.
  3. Remove the Foil (if applicable):
    • Some wine bottles have a foil capsule covering the top of the cork. Use a foil cutter or a knife to remove the foil and expose the cork.
  4. Insert the Corkscrew:
    • Take your wine opener or corkscrew and insert the screw or helix into the center of the cork.
  5. Twist and Pull:
    • Firmly grip the corkscrew and twist it clockwise (to the right) while applying slight downward pressure. Continue twisting until the corkscrew is securely in the cork.
  6. Leverage the Cork:
    • Use the lever or handles of the wine opener to gently and steadily pull the cork out of the bottle. Keep the bottle steady to avoid any spillage.
  7. Pour the Wine:
    • Once the cork is removed, carefully pour the Eternally Silenced wine into your prepared wine glass. Be mindful of the wine level to prevent spills.
  8. Serve and Enjoy:
    • Serve the wine at the appropriate temperature and enjoy it responsibly.
  9. Recork the Bottle (if needed):
    • If you don’t finish the entire bottle, you can securely recork it to preserve the wine’s freshness. Use a wine stopper or cork to seal the bottle.
  10. Store the Bottle:
    • Store any leftover wine in a cool, dark place to maintain its quality.

Opening a bottle of Eternally Silenced wine should be a straightforward process, but it’s always good to have the right tools, like a corkscrew, to ensure a smooth experience. Enjoy your wine responsibly and savor its unique flavor and characteristics.