how to open kia optima trunk from inside

how to open kia optima trunk from inside

To open the trunk of a Kia Optima from the inside, you can use the interior trunk release lever or button. Here’s how to do it:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Access to the interior of your Kia Optima


  1. Locate the Interior Trunk Release Lever or Button:
    • Inside your Kia Optima, look for the interior trunk release lever or button. It’s usually located in the cabin area, often near the driver’s seat or in the vicinity of the driver’s seat.
  2. Activate the Trunk Release:
    • To open the trunk from the inside, simply pull the trunk release lever or press the trunk release button. This action should trigger the release mechanism for the trunk.
  3. Open the Trunk:
    • After you’ve activated the trunk release, go to the rear of the vehicle and lift the trunk lid manually. It should pop open easily.
  4. Access the Trunk:
    • With the trunk lid open, you can access the trunk area and retrieve or store items as needed.
  5. Close the Trunk:
    • After you’ve finished using the trunk, lower the trunk lid until it securely closes and latches. Make sure it’s fully closed to prevent any issues while driving.

Opening the trunk from the inside of your Kia Optima is a straightforward process, and it’s especially useful if you need to access the trunk without using the key fob or the exterior trunk release button. Be sure to follow these steps carefully to ensure proper operation.