how to open trunk on lincoln mkz with dead battery

how to open trunk on lincoln mkz with dead battery

Opening the trunk of a Lincoln MKZ with a dead battery can be challenging because the trunk release button may not work without power. However, there are ways to manually access the trunk in such situations. Here’s what you can do:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • A flathead screwdriver or a similar tool
  • Access to the rear seats (if the rear seats fold down)

Method 1: Using the Trunk Release Button:

  1. Access the Cabin: If your Lincoln MKZ has a cabin release button for the trunk (usually located on the driver’s door or dashboard), try to access the cabin using the key fob. Use the physical key to unlock the driver’s door, which may provide enough power to activate the release button.
  2. Press the Trunk Release Button: Once inside the cabin, press the trunk release button. This action may send a signal to the trunk latch to open.

Method 2: Using the Rear Seats (if they fold down):

  1. Fold Down the Rear Seats (if applicable): Some Lincoln MKZ models have rear seats that can be folded down to access the trunk from the inside of the vehicle. Check if your rear seats have a pass-through or a fold-down feature.
  2. Access the Trunk: If your rear seats fold down, locate the release mechanisms or levers typically located in the trunk area. Pull or release these levers to fold down the rear seats.
  3. Climb into the Trunk: Once the rear seats are folded down, you may be able to climb into the trunk through the rear seat pass-through. This will give you access to the trunk from the inside of the vehicle.
  4. Locate the Emergency Trunk Release Lever: Once inside the trunk, look for an emergency trunk release lever or cord. It is often located near the trunk latch mechanism or the trunk lid itself.
  5. Pull the Emergency Release Lever: Pull the emergency release lever or cord to release the trunk latch. This should open the trunk.

Please note that not all Lincoln MKZ models have fold-down rear seats, and the location of the emergency trunk release lever may vary depending on the year and trim level of your vehicle. Refer to your owner’s manual for specific information about your vehicle’s features and location of the emergency release lever.

If you’re unable to access the trunk using these methods, it’s recommended to contact a professional automotive locksmith or a Lincoln dealership for assistance in opening the trunk and addressing the dead battery issue.