how to read honda part numbers

how to read honda part numbers

Honda part numbers consist of a series of characters that provide specific information about the part, its application, and other details. Here’s how to read Honda part numbers:

  1. Prefix: Honda part numbers typically start with a prefix that identifies the type of part. Common prefixes include:
    • 08P: Genuine Honda accessories.
    • 08W: Honda service parts.
    • 08L: Honda lubricants and chemicals.
    • 08E: Honda entertainment and navigation systems.
    • 08R: Remanufactured parts.
    • 08U: Honda care extended warranty.
    • 08P or 08V: Optional Honda accessories or parts.
  2. Main Part Number: After the prefix, there is a series of numbers and letters that form the main part number. This part number uniquely identifies the specific part.
  3. Dash and Suffix: Following the main part number, there may be a dash and a suffix. The dash and suffix can provide additional information about variations or revisions of the part. For example, you might see “-A01” or “-H01” as a suffix. This indicates different versions or revisions of the same part.
  4. Position Indicator: In some cases, a position indicator may be present. This is usually a single letter that specifies where the part is used in the vehicle. Common position indicators include “F” for front, “R” for rear, “L” for left, and “R” for right.

Here’s an example of how a Honda part number is structured:

  • 08P13-TA0-110A
    • 08P: Genuine Honda accessory.
    • 13: Main part number.
    • TA0: Position or application code (varies based on the part).
    • 110A: Dash and suffix, indicating a specific version or revision.

Keep in mind that Honda part numbers can vary in length and complexity depending on the specific part and its application. It’s essential to refer to the Honda parts catalog or contact a Honda dealership or authorized parts supplier for the most accurate and up-to-date information about Honda part numbers, especially if you need to order a specific part for your vehicle.