What’s The Meaning Of Woke

What’s The Meaning Of Woke

In U.S. English, “woke” is a slang term that has evolved over time. Originally, it referred to being socially and politically aware, especially in terms of issues related to racial and social justice. Someone who was “woke” was seen as being enlightened and aware of the systemic injustices and inequalities that exist in society.

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However, over time, the term “woke” has also been used more broadly and sometimes pejoratively. It can be used to describe individuals or actions that are perceived as overly politically correct, self-righteous, or excessively focused on social justice issues to the exclusion of other perspectives. In this sense, it can carry a negative connotation, implying that someone is being overly sensitive or self-righteous in their beliefs and actions.

The meaning of “woke” can vary depending on context and how it is used, but it generally relates to issues of social and political awareness, particularly in relation to issues of race, gender, and social justice.