how to open rear sliding window from outside tacoma

how to open rear sliding window from outside tacoma

Opening the rear sliding window of a Toyota Tacoma from the outside can be done using the window latch or handle, which is accessible from the exterior. Here’s how to do it:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • None


  1. Locate the Sliding Rear Window:
    • Walk to the rear of your Toyota Tacoma and locate the rear sliding window. It’s typically situated in the rear cab area, behind the driver and passenger seats.
  2. Inspect the Window:
    • Examine the rear sliding window to identify the latch or handle that can be used to open it from the outside. This latch or handle may be positioned near the bottom or lower edge of the window.
  3. Unlock the Latch (if applicable):
    • If the rear sliding window has a locking mechanism, make sure it’s in the unlocked position. Some Tacoma models have a simple sliding latch that can be moved horizontally to unlock the window.
  4. Grasp the Latch or Handle:
    • Reach for the latch or handle on the exterior of the window. It should be within arm’s reach, and you can use it to slide the window open.
  5. Slide the Window Open:
    • Push the latch or handle horizontally or as instructed to slide the window open. Continue sliding it until the window is in the desired position.
  6. Secure the Window (if needed):
    • If you only want to partially open the window or if you wish to secure it in a partially open position, ensure that the latch or handle is engaged to hold the window in place.
  7. Close the Window:
    • To close the rear sliding window, push it back in the opposite direction until it’s fully closed.
  8. Lock the Window (if applicable):
    • If your Tacoma’s rear sliding window has a lock, make sure to engage it to secure the window in the closed position.

Opening the rear sliding window from the outside is a convenient feature that allows for increased ventilation and access to the rear cab area. Be sure to use this feature safely and responsibly, and always ensure that the window is securely closed and locked when not in use.