how to open recliner without handle

how to open recliner without handle

Opening a recliner without a handle can be challenging, but it’s possible using alternative methods. The exact approach may vary depending on the specific design of your recliner, but here’s a general method to help you open a recliner without a handle:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • A partner or helper
  • A flathead screwdriver or a similar tool (if needed)


  1. Inspect the Recliner:
    • Examine the recliner to understand its mechanism and locate the release points or levers that allow it to recline. Look for any visible screws, buttons, or levers that may be used to activate the reclining function.
  2. Position the Recliner:
    • Place the recliner in the upright position, if it’s not already in that position. Ensure it’s on a stable and even surface.
  3. Identify Release Points:
    • Determine the areas where you need to apply pressure or manipulate the recliner to release the locking mechanism. These points can vary from one recliner to another.
  4. Enlist a Helper:
    • It’s often easier to open a recliner without a handle with the assistance of a partner. Your helper can apply pressure or manipulate the necessary release points while you provide support and balance to the chair.
  5. Apply Pressure or Manipulate Release Points:
    • Use the knowledge you gained from inspecting the recliner to guide your actions. Depending on the design, you may need to press certain parts of the recliner frame, push or pull on specific levers, or even use a tool like a flathead screwdriver to engage the release mechanism.
  6. Gradually Recline the Chair:
    • As you and your helper manipulate the release points, gradually and carefully recline the chair by leaning back or pushing the footrest down. Continue adjusting and experimenting until you achieve the desired recline position.
  7. Secure the Chair in Position:
    • Once the chair is in the desired recline angle, ensure it’s securely locked in place to prevent it from returning to an upright position unexpectedly.
  8. Returning to Upright Position:
    • To return the recliner to an upright position, follow a similar process in reverse. Apply pressure or manipulate the release points in the opposite direction, gently pushing the footrest up or leaning forward to bring the chair back to an upright position.
  9. Inspect for Repair or Replacement:
    • While this method allows you to use the recliner without a handle, it’s advisable to consider repairing or replacing the missing handle for convenience and safety. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions or seek professional assistance for handle repair or replacement.

Opening a recliner without a handle may require some trial and error, as the release points can vary based on the recliner’s design. Always prioritize safety, and be cautious when applying pressure or using tools to manipulate the recliner’s mechanism.