how to organize doll clothes

how to organize doll clothes

Organizing doll clothes can help keep them in good condition and make it easier to find the outfits you want for your dolls. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to organize doll clothes:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Doll clothes
  • Small hangers (optional)
  • Storage containers or bins
  • Labels (optional)
  • Clear plastic bags or Ziploc bags (optional)


  1. Gather All Doll Clothes: Start by collecting all of your doll clothes from various locations in your home.
  2. Sort by Doll Type and Size: Separate the clothes based on the type and size of dolls they are meant for. If you have multiple doll brands or sizes, it’s essential to keep them organized separately.
  3. Declutter: As you sort through the clothes, take the opportunity to declutter. Remove any damaged or outgrown clothes that you no longer want or need.
  4. Use Small Hangers (Optional): If you have a collection of doll dresses or outfits that are prone to wrinkles, consider using small hangers designed for doll clothes. These can help keep dresses and formal outfits in good condition.
  5. Storage Containers or Bins: Invest in small storage containers or bins with lids. These can be clear plastic containers, fabric bins, or even shoeboxes.
  6. Sort by Clothing Type: Within each storage container, sort the doll clothes by clothing type. For example, place all dresses together, pants together, and shirts together. This will make it easier to find specific outfits.
  7. Label Containers (Optional): If you have multiple storage containers, consider labeling them with the type of doll clothes inside. This step is especially useful if you have a large collection.
  8. Clear Plastic Bags (Optional): For extra protection, you can place outfits in clear plastic bags or Ziploc bags before storing them in containers. This can help prevent dust and keep outfits clean.
  9. Stack or Arrange Containers: Once you’ve organized the doll clothes by type and size, stack the containers neatly in a dedicated storage area. Be sure to place the labels (if used) where they’re easily visible.
  10. Consider Display Options: If you enjoy displaying your doll clothes, consider using a doll wardrobe or a set of hooks on the wall to showcase your favorite outfits.
  11. Keep a Catalog or Inventory: If you have a large collection of doll clothes, create a catalog or inventory list. This can be a spreadsheet or a notebook where you list each outfit along with its description and any special notes.
  12. Rotate Outfits: To keep your doll’s wardrobe fresh and exciting, periodically rotate the outfits they wear. This can also help you ensure that all clothes are being used and not forgotten.
  13. Regular Maintenance: Every few months, go through your doll clothes collection to ensure that everything is still in good condition and fits your dolls.

Organizing doll clothes is about creating an organized system that works for you and your collection. With the right storage containers and organization techniques, you can keep your doll clothes neat, accessible, and in excellent condition.