how to open range rover trunk with dead battery

how to open range rover trunk with dead battery

Opening the trunk of a Range Rover with a dead battery can be challenging since the electronic systems, including the trunk release, may not function without power. However, you can still access the trunk using a mechanical key, if your Range Rover is equipped with one. Here are the steps to open the trunk with a dead battery:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Range Rover key fob (with a removable mechanical key) or a separate mechanical key


  1. Locate the Mechanical Key:
    • On many Range Rover key fobs, there is a mechanical key hidden inside. Look for a small button or release mechanism on the key fob that allows you to remove the mechanical key.
  2. Remove the Mechanical Key:
    • Press the button or use the release mechanism to remove the mechanical key from the key fob.
  3. Locate the Trunk Lock Cylinder:
    • On the Range Rover, there should be a lock cylinder on the rear trunk or tailgate. It may be hidden under a cover or behind a small door handle.
  4. Insert the Mechanical Key:
    • Insert the mechanical key into the trunk lock cylinder.
  5. Turn the Key to Unlock:
    • Turn the key counterclockwise (to the left) to unlock the trunk. You may need to apply some gentle force to turn the key.
  6. Open the Trunk:
    • Once the trunk is unlocked, lift the trunk or tailgate manually to access the cargo area.
  7. Retrieve Items or Access the Battery:
    • Use this opportunity to retrieve any items you need from the trunk or to access the vehicle’s battery for jump-starting or replacement.
  8. Close the Trunk:
    • After you’ve finished your task, close the trunk or tailgate securely.

Please note that not all Range Rover models have a mechanical key for accessing the trunk. Some newer models rely solely on electronic trunk releases, which may not be accessible with a dead battery. If you do not have a mechanical key or if the mechanical key does not work, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a professional locksmith or a Range Rover dealership to avoid damaging the vehicle or the trunk lock mechanism.