how to open recliner with broken handle

how to open recliner with broken handle

If the handle of your recliner is broken, you can still open and close it using alternative methods. Here’s how to open a recliner with a broken handle:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • A pair of pliers or locking pliers (also known as Vise-Grip pliers)


  1. Inspect the Broken Handle:
    • Examine the broken handle and the recliner’s mechanism to determine where the handle was originally connected. Look for any remaining parts of the handle or the metal rod that extended into the recliner’s frame.
  2. Locate the Release Mechanism:
    • Once you’ve identified the area where the handle was connected, you should see the recliner’s release mechanism. This is typically a lever or a metal rod that you can manipulate to engage the reclining function.
  3. Use Pliers to Manipulate the Release Mechanism:
    • Take your pliers (locking pliers are ideal) and grip the release mechanism securely.
    • Apply gentle but firm pressure in the direction that would normally open the recliner. This action should mimic what the handle did before it broke.
  4. Recline the Chair:
    • As you apply pressure with the pliers, you should be able to engage the reclining function. The chair should start reclining backward.
  5. Adjust the Recline Angle:
    • Continue to manipulate the release mechanism with the pliers until the chair reaches your desired recline angle.
  6. Release the Pliers:
    • Once the chair is in the desired recline position, carefully release the pliers from the release mechanism. The chair should remain in the reclined position.
  7. To Return to Upright Position:
    • To return the recliner to an upright position, follow the same process but apply pressure in the opposite direction, as if you were closing the recliner. Use the pliers to manipulate the release mechanism, gradually bringing the chair back to an upright position.
  8. Inspect for Repair or Replacement:
    • While this method allows you to use the recliner with a broken handle, it’s essential to consider repairing or replacing the handle for long-term convenience and safety. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions or seek professional assistance for handle repair or replacement.

Using pliers to manipulate the release mechanism is a temporary solution to operate a recliner with a broken handle. Ensure that you handle the pliers carefully to avoid damaging the recliner or causing injury to yourself.